Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Last week I was fixing bugs. Let me summarize.

279485 Amarok trusts CDDB too much

Since I do not have exact the same CD which user reported this bug has, I did following steps in order to reproduce and test it:

1) I have following disc and as already was told last entry in CDDB match is invalid.
I do not see "what can possibly go wrong", but order to test this case I've hardcoded that 5th match instead of first one has to be taken. So, nothing unusual had happend. Amarok displayed wrong names, but was able to play tracks normally.

2) Second problem I wanted to address was "what if CDDB match has less tracks than number of tracks on cd". So as before I've hardcoded this situation and as before nothing unexpected had happend: so track with missed CDDB info has just "standard" name Track n.

290216 Amarok doesn't detect that Audio CD is inserted on Windows

Oh. Obviously, first thing you have to do is to compile Amarok under Windows (and not only Amarok, but also "few" additional libraries). So I'm working on it.

210101 Wrong encoding detection of Japanese CDs

So I've started with some Korean audio CD and get following:

CDDB metadata is on the left, CD-Text metadata is on the right.
There is no special field for encoding type indication nor in CDDB neither in CD-Text.
So I see only one possible solution try to guess the encoding. Some time ago when I've faced with encoding guessing I've used enca, but it support only Slavic languages and Chinese, so it is not enough. Then I've found ICU library. ICU has an API for encoding
detection (it is used for example in chromium). But for now I did not get a lot from it.
For example ICU has a call ucsdet_detectAll which gives you encodings that properly decode given text and it has some heuristics for encoding detection, such that the more likely encodings should be returned first. And for CD-TEXT example above ICU chooses UTF-8 as best
possible encoding, but nor this one neither next three encoding does not decode text properly. Probably, I should find what else can be used for encoding guessing.

305733 On starting amarok existing entry in playlist which is cd track has missing info

This bug doesn't appear anymore in a way it was described in a bug report. But it appears in a different way. On starting amarok there are can be entries in playlist which corresponds to the cd and they are grey (what means that they are unavailable) in both cases if there is no cd in a drive and if there is cd corresponding to this entries.

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  1. Wrong encoding detection of Japanese CDs

    There is the class KEncodingProber in kdelibs that "Provides encoding detection(probe) capabilities." Isn't this already used by the AudioCdCollection in Amarok (see AudioCdCollection::infoFetchComplete()).